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Where to buy origami paper, books, or other supplies. A listing here does not imply an endorsement on my part.

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1 . Kim's Crane Home Page

Maintainer: Kim and Gordon Crane
Kim writes, "Kim's Crane is run by a husband and wife team who tries to keep a wide selection of origami papers from around the world. They carry commercially packaged origami papers and full size specialty papers. Kim's Crane philosophy is to provide papers to the origamist at a very reasonable price."
Date added: January, 27, 1997
Last Access: April, 6, 2020 08:45:17 PM
Hit(s): 11,325
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2 . List of Origami Sources

Maintainer: Janet Hamilton
A list of local sources in around the world.
Date added: February, 20, 1997
Last Access: April, 5, 2020 07:37:38 AM
Hit(s): 9,858
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3 . Gallery Origami House

Maintainer: MATSUURA Eiko
The homepage of the famous Gallery Origami House of Japan. In Japanese.
Date added: July, 3, 1998
Last Access: April, 6, 2020 06:06:37 PM
Hit(s): 8,842
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4 .

Maintainer: Opane
Diagrams: JPG
Includes instructions for folding "Golden Venture" modular models.
Date added: February, 18, 2003
Last Access: April, 6, 2020 10:20:52 PM
Hit(s): 6,691
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5 . OrigamiUSA

Maintainer: Mark Saliers
Date added: November, 15, 1997
Last Access: April, 6, 2020 10:27:22 PM
Hit(s): 13,278
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6 . - Handmade Origami Greetings and Gifts

Maintainer: Sok Song is a resource and shopping center for all origami enthusiasts. We offer the best quality handmade origami greeting cards, origami paper and origami gifts at the lowest prices. We offer an extensive list of links and diagrams for everyone. We are dedicated to providing the most comprehensive origami product listing to the vastly growing origami community.
Date added: September, 1, 2002
Last Access: April, 5, 2020 02:50:31 AM
Hit(s): 8,122
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7 . Japanese Paper and Origami Supplies

Maintainer: Aileen Soria
Aileen writes: "Retailers of origami papers and books and washi at very competitive prices."
Date added: December, 16, 2001
Last Access: April, 6, 2020 01:03:28 PM
Hit(s): 9,769
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8 .

Maintainer: Shane Stiles is the largest online Japan-related specialty bookstore carrying books on Japan, origami supplies, and other Japan related items.
Date added: January, 25, 2003
Last Access: April, 4, 2020 04:02:27 AM
Hit(s): 6,288
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9 . Yasutomo Fine Art, Crafts and Writing Instruments

Maintainer: Karen Thomas
Diagrams: GIF,PDF
This is a wholesale company, but their site contains information about their products and also some folding diagrams, including a nice Christmas tree (with cutting) from the Origami Kaikan (Yushima no Kobayashi) in Tokyo. Other craft ideas are also available.
Date added: October, 29, 2001
Last Access: April, 6, 2020 05:28:03 PM
Hit(s): 8,767
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10 . Sandra Wambold's Origami Page

Maintainer: Sandra Wambold
A list of local sources in North America (and around the world).
Date added: February, 1, 1996
Last Access: April, 2, 2020 04:53:49 PM
Hit(s): 7,123
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11 . Paper Frog - alles für Origami

Maintainer: Roger Weber
In German. Origami paper, books, pictures of folded items, craft kits, short stories about origami, black board to get in contact with other origami enthusiasts and links to origami organisations all over the world.
Date added: January, 15, 2002
Last Access: April, 5, 2020 02:55:49 PM
Hit(s): 9,217
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12 . Hanko Designs

Maintainer: Norman Yoshida
Hanko Designs is based in the USA and specializes in custom packed Japanese Yuzen and Washi Origami Papers. Common orgami packs, asian rubber stamps, books, and cardmaking accessories are also available.
Date added: July, 27, 2003
Last Access: April, 6, 2020 12:30:56 PM
Hit(s): 8,729
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