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1 . Lalki Origami / Origami Dolls

Maintainer: Maciej Blaszak
Date added: October, 29, 2001
Last Access: June, 21, 2019 07:49:47 AM
Hit(s): 4,102
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2 . Strona origami Krystyny Burczyk

Maintainer: Wojciech & Krystyny Burczyk
Diagrams: JPG
In Polish.
Date added: October, 20, 1998
Last Access: June, 22, 2019 02:16:25 PM
Hit(s): 4,680
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3 . Polish Origami Center

Maintainer: Dorota Dziamska
Diagrams: JPG
Date added: October, 29, 2001
Last Access: June, 24, 2019 03:03:11 AM
Hit(s): 6,216
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4 . Origami modulowe / Modular origami

Maintainer: Halina Rosciszewska-Narloch
Gallery of beautiful modular models including twirls, knotology and zig-zag models. In Polish.
Date added: January, 3, 2004
Last Access: June, 23, 2019 10:52:28 AM
Hit(s): 5,633
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5 . ORIGAMI - Papierowe Fantazje

Maintainer: Rafał Sabat
Diagrams: Flash, PDF, JPG, GIF
In Polish. Including a couple of Star Wars models (Imperial shuttle & AT-AT). Flash is required to view the site.
Date added: January, 2, 2002
Last Access: June, 23, 2019 04:24:14 PM
Hit(s): 6,652
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6 . Polish Origami Association - Paper Phantasies

Maintainer: Rafal Sabat
Diagrams: Flash, PDF, JPG, GIF
Origami is not as popular as it should be in Poland. Because of that, and lack of appropriate Origami organization in our country, we decided to establish a new society: the Polish Origami Association – Paper Phantasies. Please visit our website to learn more about our aims and actions, become a member or simply enjoy our sizeable gallery and a collection of diagrams. If you are interested in cooperation with the Association or would like to contribute some materials, please e-mail us!
Date added: September, 5, 2005
Last Access: June, 21, 2019 03:46:28 PM
Hit(s): 5,428
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